TRON News Items for August 2002

Additional i-mode Font Data for Cho Kanji Operating System

Personal Media Corporation made available for downloading on August 7 additonal font data for the i-mode picture characters included in its Cho Kanji operating system. These can be downloaded from the Internet (click here for the Japanese-language page that includes download instructions) via either Cho Kanji- or MS Windows-based personal computer. At present, Personal Media's Cho Kanji 4 operating system, the latest version in the firm's Cho Kanji operating system series based on the BTRON3 Specification, includes 166 i-mode picture characters, which are used by millions of Japanese people on a daily basis via NTT DoCoMo Inc.'s i-mode cell-phones.

Personal Media Creates Web Site to Support T-Engine Dveelopment Kit

Personal Media Corporation has created a Web site to support T-Engine development kits (click here to view the Japanese top page). The new Web site also has an English-language page (click here to view), which seems to indicate that the firm is interested in selling T-Engine to foreign-based developers. Unfortunately, English-language documentation is still not available for T-Engine, so foreign-based developers might have to wait a little while before they can use their T-Engine hardware. There is also a user support page (click here to view). Sales inquires can be made via the e-mail address at the bottom of the Japanese-language tope page.