BTRON Programming for Advanced Programmers

If one uses a search engine to look for information on programming the BTRON3-specification operating system, the first thing he or she will come across is probably information on MicroScript, of which there is a considerable amount on TRON Web. The second thing one will come across is most likely people complaining that there is nothing outside of MicroScript for programming BTRON, and that they don't like it as they are advanced programmers.

Well, there actually is another way for advanced programmers to develop programs for the BTRON3-specification operating system, and it is called WideStudio. WideStudio is a free, open source integrated development environment (IDE) that allows you to port programs written in several popular languages (C, C++, Caml, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby) across several different operating systems (BTRON, GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, MacOSX, mu-CLinux, Solaris, T-Kernel, Windows, WindowsCE, Zaurus).

Naturally, since the makeup of the various operating systems differs from one to the other, as do the hardware platforms they run on, portions of programs that depend on unique software or hardware resources will have to be rewritten. In the case of BTRON, its most unique feature is its hypertext file system, and that is what will probably cause the greatest number of problems for programmers wishing to port programs from other operating systems to BTRON using the WideStudio IDE.

Incidentally, a programmer can call up a C language program using the PROCESS statement in MicroScript, so MicroScript can provide an alternate way of building interfaces for small C language programs that do not have an interface of their own. It goes without saying that no matter what programming language a BTRON programmer prefers, he should familiarize himself with MicroScript, since it is the built-in language of BTRON, and thus it can help him develop programs rapidly.


The WideStudio Web site is at the following URL.

The home page is here.

The WideStudio for BTRON installation guide and information on how to create a simple program is at the URL below.

The binary package for BTRON can be downloaded from the following Web page.

Finally, the "WideStudio Application Builder's Guide," which is to say the documentation, is at the following URL.