News about the TRON Project

TRON Web stopped reporting TRON Project news in 2006. Instead, in response to numerous requests for technical information from foreign engineers, TRON Web focused on translating and creating as much technical information as possible on the T-Engine and Ubiquitous ID projects.

For the latest news on the TRON Project, please visit the T-Engine Forum's Web site at the URL below.

06/2/28 YRP Ubiquitous Networking Laboratory Announces Kobe Airport Verification Trials

06/1/31 Personal Media Announces the Marketing of Two New T-Engine Boards

05/12/31 TEPS 2006, TRON SHOW 2006 (with Image Galleries)

05/11/30 TRON's uID Tag Technologies to Be Tested Internationally with Men's Suits

05/10/31 Dai Nippon Printing Begins Shipping Samples of 32-Bit, eTRON-Based Smart Card

05/9/30 Personal Media Begins Marketing T-Engine with Hard Disk Controller

05/8/31 Personal Media Starts Taking Orders for Low-Cost Teaboard

05/7/31 Personal Media Launches English-Language "Disk Shredder" Web Site

05/6/30 Personal Media Announces Low-Cost T-Engine Training Board

05/5/31 Personal Media Begins Marketing Disk Shredder 2

05/4/30 YRP Ubiquitous Networking Laboratory Announces Smallest Active RFID

05/3/31 21st Century COE Project at the University of Tokyo Discusses Protecting Personal Data

05/2/28 Personal Media Begins Marketing UC-Phone Evaluation Kit

05/1/31 Foood Traceability Trials Take Place at Mitsukoshi Department Store in Tokyo

04/12/31 TEPS 2005, TRON SHOW 2005 (with Image Galleries)

04/11/30 21st Century COE Project at the University of Tokyo and Japan's Ubiquitous Infrastructure

04/10/31 21st Century COE Project at the University of Tokyo Announces Its 'Ubiquitous' Goals

04/9/30 New Ubiquitous Communicator Model Unveiled at YRP UNL

04/8/31 Autonomous Movement Support Project Trials Under Way in Kobe

04/7/31 YRP UNL Unveils "Micro Ubiquitous Communicator"

04/6/30 TRON Project Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

04/5/31 T-Engine/TX4956 Goes on Sale

04/4/30 Cho Kanji Genkoo Prosessa Goes on Sale

04/3/31 TRON Font Traceability System Revealed

04/2/29 T-Kernel Utilization License Made Public

04/1/31 Ubiquitous ID-Tagged Produce Goes on Sale in Japan

03/12/31 AUCNC 2003, TRON SHOW 2004, TEPS 2004

03/11/30 Singapore Establishes First Overseas T-Engine Support Center

03/11/26 TRON SHOW 2004, TEPS 2004 Theater Programs Released

03/10/31 New, Compact Ubiquitous Communicator Demonstrated to Press

03/9/30 Microsoft Joins the T-Engine Forum

03/8/31 Final Form of T-Engine Kernel to be Fixed This Year

03/7/31 T-Kernel Source to Be Released in November and March

03/6/30 Personal Media Markets T-Engine/SH7751R Development Kit

03/5/31 Motorola MX1-Based T-Engine Goes on Sale

03/4/30 Ubiquitous ID Forum Holds Seminar on RFID Tags

03/3/31 Personal Media Markets Multilingual GUI Development Kit for T-Engine

03/2/28 TRON SHOW 2004 Information Released

03/1/31 Personal Media Announces Disk Shredder Lite

02/12/31 TRON SHOW 2003, TEPS 2003

02/11/30 New T-Engine-Based Educational PC Unveiled

02/11/15 TRON SHOW 2003 Theater Program Released

02/10/31 New CD-ROM Chinese Character Dictionary for Cho Kanji 4

02/9/30 Personal Media Markets µT-Engine Development Kit

02/8/31 Additional i-mode Font Data for Cho Kanji OS

02/7/31 T-Engine Forum Sees a Huge Jump in Membership

02/6/30 High-Definition Cho Kanji System Goes on Sale

02/5/31 NTT DoCoMo Announces New i-mode Phones

02/4/30 Personal Media Updates BTRON Basic Browser

02/3/31 New Cho Kanji 4 Package Offered by Personal Media

02/2/28 Personal Media Offers Site License for Cho Kanji 4

02/1/31 English-Language Version of Disk Shredder Announced

01/12/31 TRON SHOW 2002, TEPS 2002

01/12/31 Special Report: The Takeda Award 2001

01/11/30 TRONSHOW 2002, TEPS 2002 Schedules Released

01/10/31 Chinese Scholar Uses BTRON to Write Ph.D. Dissertation

01/9/30 Personal Media Announces Kojien Dictionary for BTRON

01/8/31 Personal Media Rides the Tompa Character Boom

01/7/31 K'ang Hsi Dictionary for BTRON Available in September

01/6/30 TRON Project Leader Explains eTRON

01/5/31 BTRON Cross Development Kit Ported to Win32

01/4/30 More BTRON Software from Personal Media

01/3/31 BTRON Web Server Software

01/2/28 B-right/V R3 Goes on Sale

01/1/31 Personal Media Announces B-right/V R3

00/12/30 Koreans Make First Official Appearance at TRON SHOW 2001

00/11/30 µITRON4.0-Specification Freeware Kernel Available On-Line

00/10/31 Squeak Programming Environment Test Ported to BTRON

00/9/30 ITRON International Meeting Held in U.S.

00/8/31 National Semiconductor Selects BTRON for IA

00/7/31 B-right/V R2.5 Hits the Market

00/6/30 Sound Card Driver for B-right/V R2 Released

00/5/31 BTRON Multilingual System Helps Mobile Users

00/4/28 Fujitsu Announces Java JTRON Development Kit

00/3/31 US Software Helps Publicize the ITRON Subproject

00/3/6 Personal Media Announces Site License Version of OS

00/2/7 Global OS Announces Terminal Software at CES 2000

99/12/28 Millennium Ending TRON Events

99/12/15 News Special: Q&A about B-right/V R2

99/11/22 TRONSHOW 2000 Program Released

99/10/30 Massive Media Coverage about B-right/V R2

99/9/30 Unabridged Kanji Character Set Announced

99/8/31 micro-ITRON for Windows CE

99/7/31 More Free BTRON Software on Line

99/6/30 Links to Free BTRON Software

99/5/31 New Publications from TRON Association

99/4/30 TRON-GUI Study Group Launched

99/4/3 TRONSHOW '99, 15th TRON Int'l Symp., TEPS '99

99/2/27 TRONSHOW '99 Program, BTRON Venture Capital Firm

99/2/1 TRONSHOW '99, TRON 15th Int'l Symposium

98/12/29 J-right/V Software Package Put on Sale

98/11/27 B-right/V R1.1, BV-GSDK, and Chinese Delegation

98/10/29 ITRON U.S. Seminar and New B-right/V Products

98/9/28 ITRON Seminar and BTRON Sales News

98/8/31 TRON Association News Item from July '98

98/8/31 14th TRON Project International Symposium

98/7/24 Personal Media Begins Marketing New BTRON OS

98/6/20 TRON Association News Items from May, June '98

98/5/12 TRON Association News Items from March, April '98

98/4/9 Top TRON News Items in '97

98/2/23 TRONSHOW '97

97/6/10 Essays by BTRON Users

96/12/10 China joins the TRON Project